Our pub crawl is a good time! We start it off with 2 hours of socializing, games, and drinks inside the hostel. Basically a pre-party to the actual crawl. Then we round up everyone in the hostel that wants to join us for a night out, and take them to some of the best bars on Bourbon Street.

Just like our other bike tour, our Garden District Bike Tour requires you to pay a $10 bike rental fee. That allows you to temporarily hold the bike through the tour and for the rest of the day. Just make sure to bring the bike back by 10pm (22:00). We take you to the Garden District because it is an interesting neighborhood to see. This historical town has a mix of homes from small to giant. It has gardens while also having a famous cemetery. It’s got shops, restaurants, and bars flowing through it. The Mardi Gras Parade has it’s own route through it, and people actually say that the air in this town smells like flowers. So if you think this bike tour “smells” like a deal, let’s ride!