Jambalaya is a New Orleans dish that is a must try when you visit. Our jambalaya night is looked forward to by almost the whole hostel every week. It actually consists of a jambalaya class that a staff member teaches to the guests. The guests in the class help make the jambalaya, and then everyone in the hostel indulges in the final product. We try not to leave out any guests, so the class also prepares a vegetarian version for those that don’t eat meat.

The question the host of the burlesque show always asks when she starts the show is, “how many of you have seen burlesque before?” Then everyone that has seen it before raises their hands. Almost every time, the people that don’t raise their hands usually make up at least half of the bar. So it’s safe to say that going with us to the burlesque show on Wednesday night will definitely be an experience that some of you have never experienced.