A Little More About Us


Our Staff

Hey, there! We’re your lovely staff, and we are pleased to meet you! Many of us have been traveling or currently are traveling, so we’ve already got something in common. Ask us any questions anytime- we’d love to chat!

Below is one of the first staff pictures ever taken at our house. Having a great staff is very important to the guest experience, and that’s why you may occasionally catch our team doing things like having dinner together. Time seems to fly by very fast here, so this allows us to sort of bond and catch up through all the hustle and bustle of the city. 
In this picture is:
Sean – Owner, Korean food expert, sport shooter
Spencer- Was the manager at the time, world traveler, cafe frequenter, race car driver
Amber – Was a staff member at the time, advice-giver, Chipotle addict, dancer ninja
Our Staff like Addams Family
 Why All The Cats?
 You may have noticed there are a lot of cats on this page (feel free to look again). Cats have a special place in New Orleans. As you explore, don’t be surprised to see them on the street, in paintings, even milling about bars! You might go dancing at The Spotted Cat Music Club on Frenchman Street or sing karaoke at The Cat’s Meow on Bourbon.
 These four-legged friends are just part of what make New Orleans, New Orleans. So we honor them here. Plus, rumor has it that the spirit of Madame Isabelle herself lives on in one of the local cats. Affectionally called Missy Izzy, be sure to say hello and thank her for letting you stay in her wonderful house!