The price includes all sales taxes and fee.

We always appreciate your reservation on our website. The prices will include all taxes and fees.

Please also note that if you choose “NON-REFUNDABLE” reservation, there will be 5.0% discount from a regular price. 


NO DEPOSIT or PREPAYMENT needed for a when you make a standard reservation.

  • NO Cancellation Fee for “Standard Rate reservations” if you cancel your reservation 14 days or more before your arrival date. 
  • The non- refundable deposit that is equivalent to the first night will be made on 14 days before your arrival date. If your reservation is within 14 days before your arrival date, the deposit equivalent to the first night will be made.
  • For “Non-Refundable reservations” the balance will be taken once the reservation is made, and the balance is non-refundable after it is taken.  
  • Maximum length of stay is 14 days for the dormitory rooms.

Please note before making reservations:

  • An international guest will be required to show an international passport or an international ID (ex. a driver’s license from foreign countries)
  • Guests over 40 without a student ID will be more than welcome to stay in a private room but are not allowed to stay in a dorm room.


About our age rule

Many hostels like us, at least in the U.S. and even in New Orleans, still have such outdated rules regarding ages or student IDs. Trust us, we are very sorry about our rule and possible inconvenience. But we still believe that we need to keep it, and this is why.

  1. Safety issues.
    Most hostels have dorm rooms which usually are equipped with bunk beds. Even with a hostel which does frequent maintenance to ensure the sturdiness of its bunk beds, there would be certain numbers of older guests coming with no handicaps who would still find it physically challenging to go up/down ladders on bunk beds.
  2. Possible inconvenience
    Since we have mostly young guests in dorm rooms, age disparity in a dorm room setting is also something to take into account. Since New Orleans has huge drinking/party cultures, many bars/music clubs open until early morning. There are many guests are much more likely to go out at night and return to the hostel at later hours. If you would like to enjoy your staying in the city in more calm ways, enjoying your bed time for next day venture, a dorm bed could disrupt sleep for older guests and lead to awkwardness and discomfort for all parties.
  3. Business perspective
    Our Hostel mainly serves young backpackers to promote them to travel the world for an affordable price. They stay in hostels rather than B&B or hotels because of affordable prices, fun atmosphere and fellow travelers. Many guests want to stay in hostels because they want to meet new friends for similar age groups. Since hostels are getting more popular for all age groups, many hostels are open to new groups of customers (and it’s very nice for all different age groups of people to mingle together), but still many other hostels would like to keep their traditional young customers for their prospects and purpose of the business.

Thank you for your consideration. Especially for guests over 40 who stayed in a hostel the first time, we have had many complaints about staying in dorm beds. If you feel as these living circumstances would be challenging, it would be in your best interest to cancel your reservation. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!
Madame Isabelle’s House
504 509 4422